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Residential Refinancing

Real Estate Law

For 28 years Fairchild Law has been helping individuals, families, and businesses in Virginia with all of their real estate law needs. Today, Fairchild Law can help you refinance with minimal stress.

When you choose to refinance a home in Virginia, it is important to have a knowledgeable attorney on your side. Fairchild Law can also help explain the difference between refinancing and a mortgage modification. In addition, our attorney can determine which would work best in your situation.

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Refinance vs Mortgage Modification

A mortgage modification refers to a mortgage that the lender changes, or modifies. A refinance is a new mortgage which includes a new loan amount, new interest rate, monthly payment and term.

When a lender wants to keep your mortgage, they will offer a lower rate for the balance of the term you owe. A modification can be successful in many situations, because it doesn’t require title insurance for a lender policy. However, if you want more money, lenders require a refinance. In this situation, you need an experienced Virginia real estate lawyer to represent you and help you get it done correctly.

We pride ourselves on providing personal service to every client. We invite you to contact us today, either via email or by calling 571.249.1300 to talk to Fairchild Law. We can help you complete the process efficiently and effectively.

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